Wednesday, July 8, 2009

6 Months and Counting

Our little guy is growing up right before our eyes. He will be six months -That's one half year!- on Sunday.There's not much new in our lives, so enjoy the pictures.

Never hold Easton above your head after he just finished a bottle. . Gross
Enjoying the parade with Mistie and Brynlee

Enjoying the fireworks with Grandpa Dennis
Impromptu baby food finger painting :)

Swimming at the pool and lovin' on Grammy
He looks EXACTLY like Kade here.

Sometimes he won't hold that little noggin' still long enough for me to get the spoon to his MOUTH.
I let him play with a receipt one day on the way home. I thought he still had his binky, but turns out he decided to eat the receipt. It was spit-glued all over his face when we found him soundly sleeping in the backseat.