Monday, March 22, 2010

Harry Potter Party

So, maybe I'm a little embarrassed to blog about this-- My Harry Potter Party! Yeah, I know. I'm a huge nerd. But it's my birthday, so lay off. I had my family over to celebrate my 22nd and have a little HP fun. We had a feast to rival the Great Hall and even drank Butterbeer (which is kinda gross, by the way). After we played HP trivia and the loser (mom) had to be the first to try the jellybeans. I'm pretty sure she ate a centipede flavored one. Then we ate a special cake that Tiff brought me and watched HP6. Oh, what fun. I just might have to do it again next year...

This is how you look after eating a skunk spray jelly bean.

Do I dare? I shouldn't have, because it was booger flavored.

Hello, Spring!

We are so excited for Spring at the Gardner house! Easton's new favorite thing is to play outside and go for walks (sans stroller!) We hope that the weather isn't just teasing us. We're ready for the warm days!! It's pretty much the same old story around here. Easton's personality has exploded even more in the last month and he leaves me wondering how he can fit such a big personality in such a tiny body. He keeps adding new words to his vocabulary (outside, dog, all done, thank you). He's quite a clever little guy. I've been watching a new baby at my house. Easton is completely in love with her. He gasps with excitement when he sees her and likes to blow her kisses. He seems to understand how tiny and special she is. Perhaps it's a sign that he's ready for a new brother or sister....someday.

A monumental occassion-- First Girl Scout Cookie!
Getting his first "real" haircut from Cousin Brook.

Post-haircut look. What a babe!

Excited to wear his brand new suit to church!

Easton loves to read his books. His favorite part is turning the pages and sometimes he even reads them outloud to himself.