Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Milestone Madness

Our little Easton has really begun to figure out the world. Yesterday, he slept through the night (from 9 pm to 6 am!!), rolled over (front to back), AND started grabbing objects all before lunch. I half expected him to be walking and potty trained by the time I got home from work. I guess sometimes things just click. Here are some pictures and videos from this week:

He's getting so strong!
Playing in his gym

Loving up on momma
The rare photo of Easton after a bath and NOT crying because he had to get out of the warm water.
Our new favorite goofy photo
Playing with his toys...finally :)
Holding his own bottle like a big boy.

Sorry the videos are always so dark...hope you can even tell what's going on here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Help the Howes!!

Hey Ladies! Recently, one of my closest friends, Julianne Howes, delivered her baby boy, Michael, 15 weeks prematurely. Baby Michael is a little miracle and he is doing incredibly well given his extraordinary circumstances. So far, their medical bills have reached 90,000 dollars and he is expected to be in the NICU until late July. So, when a friend is down, you reach out and help right? Here is what I can do: I am a Mary Kay consultant. I will donate 20% of my profits for the ENTIRE month of May to her family to help with costs. Here is where you can help: Book a skin care party any Saturday morning or Wednesday evening in May, get me a list of guests, and I'll do everything else! Wednesdays and Saturdays no good? Let me know a day that will work for you and I will try my very hardest to work it out for you. Don't want to hold a party? Then, just place an order with me!You get great skin care and make up products AND you'll help out this AMAZING family. You can message me here, email me at, or call me anytime at 435-512-4274. Please, help!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hi! I'm Easton Maddux.......

I'm a little bit goofy..

I'm a great dresser.....

But, I prefer to be naked.

I enjoy long baths .........

And I HATE it when Mommy makes me get out....

I like spending time outside in the sunshine,

and eating my fingers,

I don't like to exercise.

People say I look just like my daddy-

Mommy says I act just like him too....

And, did I mention I look adorable in sandles? Because, I do.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Laughter fills our home...FINALLY!

Before news of Easton--- One of my best friends, Julianne, was life flighted to McKay Dee Hospital this week. She is dangerously close to delivering her baby boy about 16 weeks prematurely. Please keep her in your hearts and prayers as she, her husband, and baby fight this battle. more lighthearted...
Easton has learned to laugh! I have been dying for him to do it for the past week or so. He was so close! And then finally last night, out of nowhere, he laughed! I'm so glad that Kade and I were both there to hear his first giggle. It was priceless. He is such a happy little munchkin. He is feeling much better now. Formula is going smoothly. It was such a relief to have our happy guy back. He's getting to be very clever. He has pretty much no interest in his toys. He'd much rather stare at and study a face. He has even begun to imitate our facial expressions. His tongue is his new best friend. It's almost always sticking out, and if you show him yours, he'll try to mimic you. He's getting bigger by the minute. I'm so curious about what he must weigh now. He's really filling out. Here are some new photos and videos of our little dude. He's a real ham.Easton loves to watch his mobile go round and round.

Classic dad sleeping with the baby photo
Every now and then we get a little duck outside our house. Easton and I decided to feed them some old bread....
He wasn't sure about it.

This video is really dark, but hopefully you can at least hear the sweet sounds he's making.

Watch him closely. He starts to imitate what Kade is doing.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Don't give up!

Tonight Kade and I found ourselves lying on the floor chanting "Don't give up! Keep trying!!" while Easton kicked and strained and wobbled around on his belly. Our little man is inches away from rolling over. It seems he figured out what to do over night. Yesterday, during tummy time he was mostly rubbing his face into the carpet. But today was something else! He's gotten so much stronger. Formula feeding is still not going well. He was inconsolable most of the day from the tummy ache it gives him. So I decided to try a new formula. I'm pretty bugged considering I bought a 3 lb can of the other stuff. Stupid. If anyone uses Enfamil Gentlease...I'll make you a SCREAMING deal. Just get rid of the crap. Now we're trying Nestle Goodstart, and I already think it's working better. No crying! But he spent most the night in a coma because he was too busy screaming during the day to take his naps. So, cross your fingers that we've found the good stuff. For some reason, even though I can't wait to stop pumping, watching my milk dry up is very scary. I get so nervous as I am slowly filling the bottles less and less when I pump. I don't think I will feel good about my own milk going away until I have found a formula that doesn't make my little guy puke, scream, or unable to have a good poop. *SIGH* Here are some photos I took tonight of Easton on his tummy so the rest of you can see how good he's getting. These are my new favorite pictures of him. Doesn't he look ADORABLE!?!?!

My heart could just explode with joy looking at that sweet smile.