Monday, August 10, 2009


SO long overdue. Forgive me. Since I last posted, The Gardner Clan took their annual trip to stay in the cabin in bear lake. Easton really loved playing in the water at the lake and he also enjoyed having a fan club. At any given time there was a small crowd huddled around him. Easton went to his six month appt. The shots made him a holy terror this time around, but the good news is he's growing, growing, growing. By now, he's probably over 18 pounds. BIG boy. He's so cute and rolly. He's rolling all over the place now, and I can't get him to hold still for more than 30 seconds unless he's got food in his mouth...and even then he's a wiggle worm. Kade's last baseball game is tomorrow night...what a relief! I'm sick of baseball. But last week he hit a killer home run in Smithfield, so that made the whole season worth it. Here are the latest photos of our life. More to come....

Easton's new sleeping positon. Bum in the air. SO cute.

One of Easton's fan club members at the cabin.
Kade thought he was clever enough to be able to put on his swim trucks without taking off his shorts first....Obviously not a good idea.
Nevermind the hat. I
Kade pitching.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Then and Now

I know it's been almost a month since I posted. We've just been so busy! I'll post a real good post later, but just to suffice for now...
Easton Then.....

And Easton now....

Is that even the same kid??