Monday, June 14, 2010

Talk, talk, talk

This post is completely for my own memory to remember all the things Easton is saying and doing at this point:
He says mama, daddy, bye, hi, car, dog, nana, please, thank you, wow, socks, shoes, nose, toes, cheese, cracker, nanight, no, book, ball, baseball, go, outside, toons, gramma, grampa, all done, whoa. He knows where his nose, hair, and belly are. He knows the sounds a duck, snake, and monkey make. He seems to recognize almost everything I say to him, and usually is good at following directions (The best is when I say "Put that back" and he does!). He's 17 months old. He can walk, run, and climb. He gives the best hugs in the whole world (I especially love when he pats my back). He's stingy with his kisses, but he'll give them out on rare occassions. He is almost always happy to blow you a kiss or give you a high-five. He has 6 teeth (2 bottom, 4 top). He can ride his push bike and likes to play outside the best. He's content to watch cartoons or read a book. He really loves to ROOOAARRR at whoever he can. His favorite foods are fruits, veggies, and cheese. He has kicked the binky habit.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Kade left last Tuesday for Princeton, NJ for an entire 22 days. So far I am hanging in there, but only because being a single, working, student mom provides me with a lot to get down in a single day. It's a lot harder than I anticipated to go without Kade's help around the house. I think we are both appreciating the work we do for each other ten fold. But his absence has prompted me to make this list:

Top Ten Things I Miss About Kade:

10. He'll kill me for putting this on here...but...umpiring funds.

9. Having 2 people to cook for. Cooking for one is hard!!!

8. The #2 man in the 2 man pin that it sometimes requires to get E to let me change him.

7. Having someone to share the bed with.

6. Not thinking that every little noise after dark is either a burglar, rapist, kidnapper, or murderer.

5. Being able to leave the house past 7:30. Once E goes to sleep, I'm grounded.

4. Having help around the house and with errands

3. Going on dates

2. Not having to find babysitters when I work

1. Getting hugs, cuddles, and kisses... :(

However, it has also prompted this list:

Top Five Things I Like About Being Home Alone:

5. I can stay up as late as I want without someone telling me to come to bed.

4. The treats in the house are lasting a LOT longer

3. Sports have not been on my television ONCE!!!!!

2. No snoring!

1.My house is SOOOO clean!

So far E has sustained 2 injuries while Dad has been gone. First, he fell in the shower and cut his eye. Then, he fell and hit his mouth on the table and cut his lip open. *Sigh*......

Today I made these tasty treats:'s true. Mini pies on a stick DO exist. And they ARE delicious.

I'll post some photos from Kade soon....