Friday, May 25, 2012

Father's Day

I did this little interview for Kade planning to publish it closer to Father's Day. I can't wait that long. It's too funny.
We love you, Kade. Happy early Father's Day. As E would say, "Dadda, you the best boy!"

How old is Daddy?---He's older than  me. He's older than you. I think he's older than the WHOLE WORLLLLD!
What does Daddy look like?--Frowny Clown. His name is Kade.
What does Daddy like to wear?---He likes to wear a clown nose on his bum!!! AND goggles on his eyes! (You can't make this stuff up, folks. It's all E.)
What does Daddy like to eat? --He likes to eat apples....and pears.
Why is Daddy smart?---I tooted! Cheetos! Do you have Cheetos? He can have candy if he's smart. I'll give him FIVE treats if he goes poop in the potty and take him to bowling!! He has to give a big push!
What does Daddy work really  hard at? ---He works and makes money for us. Daddies make money for us. He works for baseball and his other works.
What does Daddy always tell you?--He tells me "You're gonna go to time-out!" Momma, it's not funny! I'm telling you!
What makes Daddy happy? --Candy! I make him happy! My baby Livia kisses him.
If Daddy could go on a trip where would he go? --To baseball!! REDSOOOOXX!!!!
What do you love that Daddy does? ---BASEBALLLLLLLL. And plays with me and toys. He plays with me A LOT.
If you could give Daddy anything what would you give him? ---POOOP! (A true E answer)
What is your favorite thing about Daddy? --He gives me treats!

Kade will know that this are all straight from E's mouth. We love you, babe!