Sunday, October 24, 2010

Picture Post

Here's a little picture post, so that you all can see how big our little dude is getting. There's not much new happening around our house. As usual, E is talking up a storm. He learns new words everyday, and (I may be biased) I think he's WAY advanced for his age in the vocab area. He's even putting words together into sentences now. His favorite combo? "Shoes on!" He tells everyone at the store "Hullo. Shoes on!" and promptly points to his toes, because he is so proud of his shoes. He's also been learning lots of new animal sounds, a few shapes, and colors! He's really learning a lot and getting to be a little smarty pants. My new favorite words he says are creepy, kisses, "the claw!!!" and pumpkin.
This is the new addition to our family, Peanut. Or.. P-nuuuhht as E says it. We decided to get the puppy, because every little boy needs a dog right? And despite E's usual lack of affection for animals, he really loves his new puppy. Now... if only mommy liked the dog as much as the boys did...

Here is E's super cute Halloween costume. A while ago, he picked up the phrase "YEEHAW!" and would say it everytime he saw a hat or a horse (no idea where he picked it up from.) So, I jumped at it and decided he would be a cowboy for Halloween.

E is growing up before my eyes! He's so cute I could just pinch him all day. But then he'd start using his new favorite phrase even more: "Stop it."

We took him to the pumpkin walk and even though I really loved it, he was less than thrilled by it. But he looks cute anyway.

Here he is eating, but mostly wearing, his oatmeal.

One of E's favorite things to do is help mommy bake cookies and treats. He's very helpful...sorta.

One of our favorite things to do in the fall is to go apple picking at Paradise Valley Orchard. E loves to eat the apples and I love to pick them!

I'm beginning to grow concerned about the amount of pictures cropping up with E dressed up in tutus, makeup, or wigs....If he didn't love sports so much, I'd wonder about him. Either way, he looks simply adorable playing dress up with Brookie. And it'll come in handy one day when he's a teenager.

E is a devoted Aggie fan. He likes getting all dressed up and going to watch FOOTBALL! He loves to tell the players to GO, GO, GO. And he's very good at cheering "Go Aggies!!"

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things I love about Easton

E is 21 months now, and that age comes with a certain amount of attitude on his part. When you add teething in to the mix, he hasn't been the happiest little boy lately.'s been a little difficult to maintain my sanity and patience lately. But, no matter what, he's still the best little buddy in the whole world, and here's why:
1. He calls me "Honey" instead of "Mommy". I think it's the cutest thing. When I'm gone, Kade said E walks around the house calling for his "Honey". What a little sweetheart.
2. My new favorite thing he says is "I'm a mess!" when I clean him up after meals.
3. When he things something is yucky, he scrunches up his whole face and says "EEWW, Gwoss!"
4. He gets SO excited to go to "chooch" (church). Despite how he behaves in sacrement, he has a really good time at church and LOVES nursery. He also loves to bless the food and always folds his arms at the table and waits to say "maymen".
5. His new favorite thing to do is talk on the phone. He gets especially excited when he gets to call Daddy or Gwappa (grandpa). If you're ever lonely, give him a call.
6. He thinks it's so funny when he falls down. How many kids laugh when they fall instead of cry? He's a real tough guy.
7. He LOVES football. He gets so excited to watch it and is always yelling for the players to "GO, GO, GO!" and to get a "TOUCHDOWN!" He is definitely his father's son.
8. He likes to pretend his food is either a car or a hat. He is always "driving" his apple slices around and saying "Vrooom, vroom." or putting his food on his head and saying it's his hat. What a goober.
9. He calls juice "douche". That's all I can say about that.
10. He likes to whisper a lot and I don't think there is anything cuter than the sound of his little whispery chipmunk voice. Especially when he puts his finger to his lips and says "Shhh...quiet".

Now, let's just hope that the next time he is rolling, screaming, kicking on the floor or in time-out, I can remember how many silly, cute things he does. I love him, terrible twos and all.