Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer Bucket List

I have GOT to keep myself busy this summer. I'm already missing school and the little person in my head keeps yelling at me to "achieve something!!" So here is my list of awesome things I want to do this summer. I really hope it's enough to keep my mind occupied and make me feel like I'm working towards a goal. Wish us luck! I'll try to keep everything updated and post about which one is being crossed off the list.
1.  Go to the drive-in theater
2. Catch a fish
3. Have a picnic at Hyrum Dam
4. Hike the Wind Caves
5. Build an epic sand castle
6. Run a race...or two... :)
7. Read 3 classic novels
8. Go camping at least once
9. Visit Old Emphraim's grave
10. Watch a meteor shower
11. Go kayaking
12. Learn to make jam
13. Float a river
14. Visit a museum
15. Go to the zoo
16. Have a water fight
17. Cross 10 books off my to-read list
18. Learn a new skill
19. Finish the Book of Mormon