Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And the season begins.....

Well, my friends, it seems summer has arrived. Kade and I are going, going, going all the time now. The good part of having an extremely busy husband is that I now am only working weekends so that I can be home with Easton while Kade is running around like a mad man. What a relief! Easton is more full of life than ever. I am especially enjoying the fact that he finds everything funny these days. He gets a big kick out of screeeeeeching when he's excited. It's pretty cute, even if it does hurt the ears. Since I procrastinated this post for a long time, I have a billion photos to share. Enjoy! We're getting some family photos done this weekend (thanks, Christy!) too.

Easto has really taken an interest in his toys. He likes to play, play, play. I have a feeling Kade and I will have a hard time keeping up with him soon.Daddy can fall asleep anywhere and apparently while doing anything. Here, he's fallen asleep while feeding Easton.
I finally found some swim trunks small enough to fit Easton! Aren't they adorable?

We took a 3 day trip to Park City last week . Thursday we went to Geoff and Kristen's wedding in South Jordan.Geoff and Kade were mission companions and have remained close friends.
Easton LOOOOVES vacation.
He feels like big boy sitting next to mom in the chair at our condo in Park City.

Friday, we went with Kade's family to see Thomas the Train. Despite his expression, Easton had a really good time.

But he wanted to let you all know that he IS a tough guy. So he got a tattoo.Mom and Dad had a good time too.
Easton really liked the hot tub, but he wasn't as crazy about the pool.

This year, Kade is playing ball for the Logan Cubs. They're a new team, and he's very excited. Even though they miserably lost their first game tonight, it was fun. Kade pitched more than half the game and did a great job! Easton was ready to be on the field!

Easton has really taken to eating solids. However, he already thinks he needs to help mom with the spoon. I'm doomed.
Oh well....at least he enjoys himself. And how could I not love that gooey face?

Also, in the last two weeks Kade and I have lost two very dear people. Kade's grandmother passed away from cancer about two weeks ago. The funeral was difficult for him, but we are all at ease knowing that she is no longer suffering. Saturday, my best friend, Amber's, dad passed away from a heartattack. He was a surrogate father to many of us since we were in elementary school and after since we spent so much time at Amber's. He was a very dear man to me, and an honorable example of what a father should be to a daughter. Grandma Gardner and Tom Schooley-- You will both be greatly missed on this earth. God be with you 'til we meet again.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Long overdue but not much to say

I've been meaning to post for a while now. Easton turned 4 months old last week. He is growing like a weed. At his 4 mo. check up, we found out he weighs 13 lbs 11 oz and is 24.5 inches long. He has more than doubled his birth weight :) We've tried solids a few times and he's still not quite ready for it. He does look adorable slurping on that spoon though. Not much else has changed around here. Spring has arrived, which means Kade is always running off to this place or that. He's umpiring little league games a few nights a week and his own baseball team will kick off in about a week. Pair that up with work and class, and I'm a single mom :) It's all okay though. Summer will be over before we all know it and I'll have my sweet man back. We're taking off to Park City this week for a few days....hopefully we don't blow an engine this time around..yeesh.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Recipe Exchange

Since I'm only work part-time now, I have been able to make more dinners lately for my family. I really love to do it! However, I am definitely running short on new recipes and ideas. So, I'm starting a blog recipe exchange. Here's how it will work. I will post a recipe on here for you to use and tag some friends. If you're tagged, then you post a recipe on your blog for us to have and tag someone else...I'm sure you understand. Thanks in advance for your yummy recipes!

Here is a family favorite that my mom used to make and Kade loves:
Crockpot Lemon Chicken

1/4 c. Ketchup
2 T vinegar
2 T brown sugar
6 oz. lemonade
Chicken Breasts
Flour, pepper, salt, seasoning salt

Coat chicken with flour and seasoning. Place in skillet over med-high heat to brown both sides of chicken. Place chicken in crock pot. Add remaining ingredients on top of chicken. Cook on high for 4 hours and serve over white rice.

Simple! And delicious!! Enjoy!
I tag Tiffany Smith, Katie Marcheschi, Christie Bodily, Michelle Moss, and Sarah Thompson