Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I suck at blogging

It's true. I suck at it. Would you forgive me if I told you how insanely busy we are these days? I think I've used that excuse before, but it's the only one I've got. My little baby is almost 8 months old. Typing that out makes me want to cry a little. He's getting so big. He does something new everyday and he's the most entertaining little fellow I've ever met. I don't remember what I used to laugh at before we had him around the house hamming things up. I just adore his squishy little face. He's started army crawling. Not scooting. Not crawling. We're talking the real soldier army crawl. A sign? I sorta hope not....And he's also been teething terribly lately. Fevers, running noses, gnawing on everything, and the grumpies. But no tooth. Kade and I of course are busy out of our minds and rarely see each other. And when I do see him I'm usually so stressed that my eye is twitching so I'm not much fun to be around. But I love him dearly :) Our third anniversary is in just a few weeks. We're planning a quick trip to Vegas with some friends to celebrate. We desperately need to get away. It'll be our first time leaving Easto over night. Nervous? Very. I just need to remind myself that just because he's not in my hands, doesn't mean he's not in GOOD hands. I'm sure I will check on him every hour. Here are some new pictures of our life. Isn't he getting SO BIG!?!

For some reason, he really likes to sit in the sink and play...Whatever.
My ONE tomato plant. It has a mind of it's own and is HUGE. I counted 50 tomatoes on it and 50 new blossoms. Yikes.
The flowers grew nicely too :)
The peppers on the other hand..
And the other tomato plants...

Easton is all about having fun. All the time.
Isn't it cute that he crosses his feet while he eats? What a sweetheart.
Sometimes he looks so much like his father that I could shake him. But it wouldn't matter. I think he's stuck that way.
He drinks from a big boy cup :) The bottles just may leave us soon.
He's very good at getting into trouble. He just thinks it's a good time.
His first sink bath. He loved it.

First shot at vienna sausages....Loved that too.

This is baby B. She comes to play on Mon, Tue, Wed. Easton loves her. She loves his binky. Smart girl.
Well....He loves her most the time.....

I don't know why my videos always turn out so dark but this is a cruddy video of the army crawl.