Monday, August 9, 2010

The end is near....

So...I already made this post once and it got deleted. So I'd rather not do it again. This is why I don't blog very's a pain in my neck. But here are the photos from the last six weeks or so. Enjoy.

At Hogle Zoo with Daddy by the penguins.

"Mawnkees!" He was pretty excited to see all the different monkeys

We picked Daddy up at the airport before the Zoo. E was pretty excited to finally see his Daddy.

As you can see, E is really getting big. He is also talking at a 2 yr. level according to the doc.

It was really, really hot.

In the Penny Arcade in Disneyland (where I got to escape to for a weekend with my love.) Apparently his kisses are "sexless".....

....while mine are "ecstasy".
This is a particularly hideous picture of me...but my mom and sisters will get it.

There are actually people inside those giant balls.

The view from Hotel Maya in Long Beach

Yes...he's naked.
Helping mommy with the sweeping.

The Dodgers game Kade went to with his dad.
Kade and Dennis at the game. Happy Father's Day boys!

The Queen Mary next to Kade's hotel.