Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Looks like the Gardner family is moving...again. We've only been in our apartment for 3 months, but Kade and I have decided to jump ship to save money and have a place that allows Jack. So, we are currently looking for a Jack-sitter. Any volunteers? It's gonna be a really huge hassle for me to move all of the dog stuff into hiding every time we have to show our apartment. Anyhow, Jack is doing very well with us. He's caught on so quickly to potty training and sleeping through the night. What a wonderful little dog. My very favorite thing is how dang excited he gets when one of us comes home. He wags his little bum and jumps all over, and it's just so darn cute you can't be grumpy after work. No news on the bambino this week. I'm DYING to feel the baby move, but I'm getting no cooperation. But I just found out that my closest cousin in age is going to have a baby boy this December. I'm very, very excited for him. Well, folks I wish I had more to give ya, but I'm all out of interesting things to say.
Here's Jack getting his first bath. He wasn't so fond of it, but he looked adorable.
Jack hiking with Kade.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our new addition

Kade and I would like to introduce the newest member of our family! His name is Jack! He's border collie and cocker spaniel...and yes, the physics of that breed are mind-boggling. I especially love the freckles on his nose. What a babe.

He has been such an adventure for us and really is helping us to prepare for the baby. He gets me up atleast once a night and needs constant attention while he's being potty-trained. Just don't tell the landlord. :) Kade's cousin brought the puppies to Bear Lake while we were up there and we fell in love with him. He's mellow and sweet.

Kade and I had a great time relaxing at his family's cabin in Bear Lake. I got the sunburn of a lifetime, but we still managed to have a good time. We spent time at the lake, four-wheeling, eating delicious food, etc. Monday night my sisters and I went to the John Mayer concert and LOVED it.
That's John there in the white shirt jamming away. What a beautiful rock star.

Colbie Caillat opened for him and she was also fantastic. She's the one in the white shirt. She has the most beautiful voice. It was nice to see both of my sisters and relax for one more night before I had to go back to work.
Yesterday I got to go to the doctor again. We heard the baby's heartbeat and Dr. Craig said that baby seems to be growing right and that I'm just the right size. I was SHOCKED to find out that I still haven't gained any weight. My doctor told me not to worry, so I guess I won't. We also got to schedule our ultrasound for Aug. 19th :) We'll finally know the sex for sure! I have started getting a lot of comments about my belly. I'm not quite sure how to take them. I suppose they're meant well. I've recently been told I was "losing my figure", I'm looking "calvey" (like a pregnant cow would), I have a chubby belly, and one person said they couldn't imagine what I would look like by January.....Nice....As much as I love my new belly, comments like that make me sort of insecure. I don't feel like I'm huge or that I'm showing too much. Oh well. Going back to work was slightly less than joyful. I feel like lately my patients eat me alive (no pun intended) and yell at me about things I can't control all night. Again, oh well. Such is life.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The bump

Ahh...the bump. My baby belly is showing now. Except, the thing I really don't enjoy about baby bumps is the fact that if people don't know you're pregnant you just look sorta fat. People might just think I've let myself go. I'm in a really frustrating stage where my clothes don't quite fit me anymore, but I'm too small (and prideful) to start wearing stretching maternity pants. Anyhow, I'm in my second trimester now which is very nice. Baby is the size of a lemon this week and I still marvel at the fact that I can't feel a lemon-sized person moving around in me. Not a lot has changed for me with the beginning of a new trimester. Except for the fact that I now frequently get headaches which really annoy me. I'm getting a little antsy for the fun parts of pregnancy to come. Enough with the sickness. Let's move on, body, shall we? Anyway, I know this is a short post, but I'm in one of those moods where you're so awfully ornery that you can't even stand to be around yourself. I'm struggling to think of anything positive. I'll be on vacation for a little while without internet access so I'll post again after my appt. on the 22nd. Happy July.

I just remembered another thing that I have been meaning to post about. Hopefully someone will have ideas about how to make my biggest problem go away. I keep having the most horrible nightmares. Usually they involve me trying to not get shot point blank in the head. Last night, I woke Kade and myself up screaming "NO!" in my sleep. I had a nightmare that someone snuck up on me in the dark and grabbed me. It doesn't sound that scary now, but it really was terrifying. I can only take so many more gun dreams and nightmares. Any ideas?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Days off are a beautiful thing

AHHHH......How I LOVE having days off. I've had the last three days off and it has been a wonderful, wonderful thing. The Fourth is my supreme favorite holiday. I was feeling so fortunate to have it off, considering my job includes working Thanksgiving and Christmas. On Wednesday I loaded up my sister, Lindsay's, two beautiful daughters and carted them out to Hyrum to watch the fireworks with Kade and Grandpa. I hardly saw any of the show because I too fascinated by their cute faces and was snapping away with the camera.

Dad and the girls waiting for the fireworks. Ashlyn is too quick for the camera.

I think this is the sweetest picture. :)

If you look close, you can see that Makenzy's mouth is hanging wide open. This was right when the fireworks started.
Makenzy's face is PERFECT in this one.
Thursday night we went to Logan's fireworks with Kade's family. It was our niece Brynlee's 2nd birthday too. Happy Day!!! She is the most adorable little thing. We didn't get as many pictures that night and unfortunately Uncle Kade forgot to bring the camera to her birthday party today. We also went to the pool with Mistie, Nick, and Brynlee on Thursday. I wish I had pictures of her going down the slide with Uncle Kade. She loved it!
She didn't seem as sure about the fireworks that night. She was probably pretty tired and they were a lot bigger and louder than the ones Makenzy and Ashlyn went to see with us. She still "Wow"ed in all the right places and seemed content. She's so cute. :)
However, there is no new news on the baby front. I've decided to leak information about the names on the list for lack of better information for you all. The girl name is 100% positive. Kadynce Marie (First name after her daddy and middle name after my mom's). I think it's so beautiful that we half hope it is a little Kady :) The names for a son change weekly, if not daily. The list include thus far: Brooks, Cohl, Carson, Camden, and Brennen. I also love Max :) So you'll have to stay tuned if it is our little baseball player in there. Feel free to let us know which ones are your favorites and maybe we can narrow it down.