Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top reasons having a 9 mo. old is a lot like having a puppy

I've realized lately how much my sweet boy reminds me of a puppy. Here's why:
1. Several times a day you will find him crawling around the house with a sock in his mouth. I don't understand it, but he loves to eat socks. He has one in his mouth right now. I have no idea where he found it.
2. When I sit down to eat, Easton will tug on my pant leg and beg until I share with him. Have we mentioned that Easton really enjoys food? Cause he REALLY enjoys food.
3. He plays hard and sleeps hard. 'Nough said.
4. He loves to play ball and will fetch if needed.
5. He is breaking in the new teeth by chewing on the coffee table. Now there are Easton marks alongside the Jack marks.
6. He's always good for a good snuggle.
7. And of course....I have to clean up his poop.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Off he goes!

Well...Our little baby is not such a little baby anymore. He is steadily cruising toward toddlerhood. Here's what's been happening in Big E's world:
1. He traded in the army crawl for the big boy crawl. And boy is he speedy! He's having a lot of fun exploring the house and finding new things to get into.

2. He has turned 9 months old! What a big boy!! He went for his check-up yesterday and he's now weighing in at 19 lbs and 13 oz (47%) and 28.5 inches(60%).

3. He FINALLY got two teeth. His first little chompers broke through at the same time and Mommy was SO relieved to see them. They had been giving Easton a hard time for months!

4. He finds EVERYTHING hilarious. Little Dude laughs at anything that happens around him. Sometimes it's a full out belly laugh and other times it's his so sweet "courtesy laugh."
5. He gives very good hugs. The best part of Mommy's whole day is when he crawls into her lap and snuggles in. *Insert melty puddle here*

Apple Picking

Yesterday Kade, Easton, and I took a little drive out to Avon to visit the Paradise Valley Orchard. We picked lots and lots of apples and quite a few pumpkins too. We had a lot of fun together. I love fall.

Vegas, baby.

Kade and I took a little trip to Las Vegas at the end of September to celebrate anniversary number 3. We went for 4 days and left Easton with our families. This was my first time to the city of sin. it ever. Usually when we're walking busy streets, I feel that I need to hold Kade's hand for my own protectiong. But in Vegas, I felt I needed to hold his hand for HIS protection. But in all, we had a good time walking the strip, seeing the lights, chilling in our hotel...and yes...even playing the slots a little bit. But I'm proud to say we only gambled with the free slot money hotels gave us, so we came out on top. The best thing we did in Vegas (ironically) was to visit their temple and do sealings. Words can not describe how beautiful the inside of that temple is. We got to seal marriages and sons and daughters. Once, we sealed parents to their son who had been waiting since 1705 to be together again. I had a hard time leaving my little guy for 4 days! I can't imagine being away from him for 304 years! But, like any vacation, the best is always getting to come home. Here are a few pictures of our quick trip:

Sideways pic of Kade at ESPN Zone....Probably his favorite part.
The Bellagio Conservatory

I think if I post lots of pictures of Kade smiling like this he'll quit doing it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Here I am.

Just in case you were wondering...we're not dead. Just very busy.