Monday, November 23, 2009

Dancing Fool

Here's a cute little video of Easton and his sweet moves. Sorry it's sideways...

New Easto Photos

My best friend, Julianne, was kind enough to take these wonderful pictures of Easton. She did an amazing job. He was very happy and easy going through the whole thing. Here are few of my favorites. Thanks, Jules!

Halloween (only a month late...)

Here are the Halloween photos that I have been needing to post for a LONG time now. We had a lot of fun trick or treating and going to the pumpkin walk. Easton was SO adorable in his little skunk outfit. I was a bunny and Kade was the trapper that got us all!

Blog Happy

Okay, so by now, you have all figured out that I'm pretty terrible at remembering to blog. I suppose this is why I could never keep a journal. Actually, I'm just terrible at finding time/motivation to blog. Here's what has been happening around the Gardner home since I last posted:
- I took the ACT. I am planning to go back to school in January. I had to take the ACT because I'm a giant idiot and never took it in high school. I was really nervous, because if I didn't do well I couldn't take it again in time to get accepted for Spring semester. Anyhow...I got a 28 (out of 36). I was pretty proud of myself. I also realized yesterday that since I tested so high in the English portion (a 32) I won't have to take the lower level English courses! Yea!! I've decided to major in English and work towards teaching high school English. Go me!!
- Kade has been studying and trying really hard to pass his Real Estate exam. Cheer him on! I know he can do it!! He also celebrated his 25th birthday last week. One whole quarter century! I'm so happy he has shared nearly 4 years of his life with me! I love you, babe! He has also recently taken on snow removal and a paper route (ha!) to give us some extra funds and I think to give him something to do and talk about. I admire his dedication to our family. He sacrifices a lot for us.
- E has been busy learning, learning, learning. He can now:
*Pull himself up to whatever he wants. He has also started "cruising" which means he walks when holding onto stationary objects. We think he'll be running around the house in no time. Wish us luck with that..
*Say 4 words. He frequently says "Dada" or "Dad" and "Mama". He has also been known to say "Nana" which means "No, no." and "Bah" which means ball.
*Feed himself. He doesn't use utensils yet, but the boy simply refuses to eat baby food. I'm okay with this. There are a lot more choices for self feeders and I have enjoyed the lunch time freedom as much as he has.
*Dance. He dances and shakes and grooves his little heart out. Especially, when Britney Spears comes on. Should I worry?
Other than those exciting developments, we are just very busy preparing for the holidays. I've been quite crafty lately and we have all been busy shopping the sales and finding deals. I hope you are all well and enjoy your Thanksgivings and especially BLACK FRIDAY! Yay!
When you can't find a make do.

Big E cruising around with Dada's help.
The boys tickling each other at dinner. Ah, they are so fun!
My first attempt at a bulb wreath. Cute, eh?
My super cute new garland! I can't wait to put my tree up!